Utah Consumer Alert: federal tax cuts to pass on at least $17M to Dominion Energy customers

February 2, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Chris Parker, Director of the Utah Division of Public Utilities, announced today that federal tax savings filed by Dominion Energy will pass on significant energy savings to Utah consumers. Dominion Energy filed January 31, 2018 for $17 million in adjustments as the result of federal tax cuts nationwide. According to the Division of Public Utilities, Utah utility customers will begin seeing savings from federal tax reform over the next few months. The first wave of cuts should take effect in the next 30 days, providing $2.5 million in savings on infrastructure. The Division is working with other agencies to immediately reduce base rates to customers by $14.5 million more. Additional reductions will follow Dominion Energy’s gas cost filing later this spring.

“Ever since federal tax reform legislation was passed, our Division of Public Utilities has been working closely with the Public Service Commission and utilities to determine the best method to pass on tax savings to Utah customers. Consumers should begin seeing lower gas bills soon and our Division will continue to ensure other tax cuts reach
customer bills as quickly as possible,” stated Chris Parker, Division Director.

About the Division of Public Utilities: The Division of Public Utilities is part of the Utah Department of Commerce and makes recommendations to the Utah Public Service Commission for rate-making purposes, applications, hearings and other issues affecting quality of service. The Division investigates consumer complaints and monitors utility operations to ensure compliance with Public Service Commission rules, regulations and orders.

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