Shopping for Solar? New state website provides one stop online consumer resource

July 27, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Francine A. Giani, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce announced that the Utah Division of Public Utilities and Office of Consumer Services have created a new state website for electricity customers using or considering solar resources. The online site provides background information for customers considering solar energy to ensure they are aware of applicable rates and rules to avoid pitfalls that may accompany sales and installations of solar panels and systems.

“The Utah Department of Commerce is constantly looking for ways to provide more information for consumers online. Our hope is that will become a valuable tool for consumers exploring this energy source,” stated Francine A. Giani.

With solar energy grabbing more headlines, many Utah consumers are being bombarded with sales offers for home and business use. has an extensive check list of what questions citizens should ask and review with any prospective contractor or company.

“Solar energy is becoming a popular source for energy among businesses and homeowners in Utah. But with popularity comes the risk of fraud so our Divisions created this online resource to help educate and protect the public when seeking out solar energy,” stated Chris Parker, Division Director.

The website contains information about Rocky Mountain Power’s tariffs governing use of rooftop solar resources, including the different rates that might apply to different customers. displays three categories of customers to provide Utah users with a road map in exploring solar energy; Net-metered customer, Transition Customer and Post Transition Customer. Each customer category includes a drop down menu “What does this mean?” with background utility and government information.

“We hope that consumers will carefully evaluate costs and benefits of solar before signing up,” advised Michele Beck, “Our goal is to provide user friendly information so the public has all the facts before they sign a contract.”

About the Division of Public Utilities: The Division of Public Utilities is part of the Utah Department of Commerce and makes recommendations to the Utah Public Service Commission for rate-making purposes, applications, hearings and other issues affecting quality of service. The Division investigates consumer complaints and monitors utility operations to ensure compliance with Public Service Commission rules, regulations and orders.

About the Office of Consumer Services: The Office of Consumer Services is Utah’s utility consumer advocate, representing residential, small commercial and agricultural consumers of natural gas, electric and telephone service before the Utah Public Service Commission.

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