Utah companies receiving misleading mailers from “UT Certificate Service” directing businesses to pay grossly inflated fee for company’s Certificate of Existence which is already available for low cost from the State of Utah

August 29, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Francine A. Giani, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce, announced today the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code and Division of Consumer Protection have received multiple
reports that misleading letters are being sent to Utah businesses instructing owners to pay $72.50 for a Certificate of Existence with the state that normally costs $12.00 each. The letter is addressed from a “UT Certificate Service” which does not exist in Utah and directs companies to a Springville address for payment. State leaders emphasize while this business practice may be legal, the letters may confuse business owners who read them.

“Utah is the place for business and unfortunately our state’s economic reputation also attracts those looking to make a buck off the backs of our hard working business owners,” remarked Francine A. Giani, Executive Director.

The Division of Corporations officials are concerned that business owners may be taken in by the language in the misleading letter thinking this is a real government notice. State regulators are reminding the public and companies that these letters are not sanctioned by the Utah Division of Corporations and no one is required to respond to this notice. A business can search their business name at the Division’s website and request their Certificate of Existence here for the correct price; secure.utah.gov/bes/

“A business would not pay $72.50 for a wireless mouse from a third party seller if they can get the same product direct from the manufacturer for $12.00. Same is true for our government services at the Division of Corporations. Don’t pay more than what you need to from the correct state government source,” advised Jason Sterzer, Division Director.

If a business has received this letter and has questions about their registration, they are asked to contact the Division of Corporations and Uniform Commercial Code at (801) 530-4849. For information about a business registration or certificate of existence, log onto the Division’s website at; corporations.utah.gov

If a business has sent money to the “UT Certificate Service” and would like to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection, an online form is available here; dcp.utah.gov

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